Best 10 Security Plugins for WordPress Web Development

    Best 10 Security Plugins for WordPress Web Development

    The most popular and widely used blogging platform in the present times is WordPress used by millions of people around the world. Lack of security can result in any site being hacked or altered and your private information was stolen. WordPress being an open source platform can keep your site secure with their efficient security plugins.


    Below we have listed 10 essential WordPress security plugins to keep your site secure and safe.


    • Wordfence
    • All In One WP Security and Firewall
    • iThemes Security
    • Bulletproof Security
    • Google Authenticator
    • Sucuri Security
    • VaultPress
    • WP Antivirus Site Protection
    • VIP Scanner
    • Block Bad Queries (BBQ)




    Wordfence is unquestionably the most popular and trustworthy WordPress plugin. It enables you to see real-time traffic updates as well as any attempts to hack on your website. Wordfence is multisite compatible that includes login security along with a two-way authentication allowing it to block malicious networks that could prove to be a threat to your site. It can even scan signatures of more than 44000 malware variants.


    All In One WP Security and Firewall


    With a user-friendly interface, the All in one WP Security and Firewall plugin is a well supported and comprehensive security plugin. It has such features as a tool to create strong passwords and login lockdown features blocking an IP address from continuously being hacked. Malicious scripts are blocked by the firewall preventing fake Google bots and hotlinking images from creeping into your site. There are three categories of firewall namely basic, intermediate and advanced depending on your requirements.


    iThemes Security


    If you install iThemes Security, you should feel secure and safe as the plugin is supported and maintained by iThemes itself. One known WordPress backup of iThemes is Backupbuddy. It takes brute force attacks up to a higher level as it bans users from getting access to your website by automatically reporting IP addresses of unsuccessful login attempts and blocking them. Other features of iThemes Security are it strengthens server security, bans disturbing user agents and enforces powerful passwords for every account.


    Bulletproof Security


    Bulletproof Security as its name suggests is like a bulletproof jacket protecting your website against CRLF, RFI, XSS, SQL injection and other code injection hackers. It covers login, firewall, and database security being perfect for starter WordPress users. Bulletproof Security comes with several other features like login security and Monitoring, Auth Cookie Expiration, Idle Session Logout and Hidden Plugin Folders or files.


    Google Authenticator


    This plugin is very easy to use along with being very secure due to its two way authentication. A user besides entering name and password requires another authentication method like a voice call, text or mobile app. The security keys in your USB port are also supported. The pro version has other enterprise features protecting more accounts. The new features are in line registration for users, access to user management dashboard, managing device profiles and customizing options when it comes to email and SMS templates.


    Sucuri Security


    Sucuri Security is free for all WordPress security plugin that includes features like Security Activity Audit Logging to keep a tab on all activities on your website to keep it secure. It is basically a monitoring tool requiring familiarity and understanding with codes or file system within the plugin itself. This tool is perfect for developers or admins who are skilled in analyzing information. It has several advanced features like security blacklist monitoring, remote malware scanning, and post hacking security actions.




    VaultPress is a renowned one-stop WordPress security plugin designed by Automatic providing security scanning service and real-time backup. This plugin is powered by Jetpack ensuring that your website is protected against malware, hackers or damages as it efficiently backs up all posts, media files, and comments. Backing up data will make sure that your files are safe and retrievable even if your site is hacked.


    WP Antivirus Site Protection


    This WordPress security plugin scans your website extensively having the ability to detect rootkits, worms, Trojan horses, backdoors, spyware or any hidden links taking necessary action to eliminate them. As the virus data is constantly updated every single day all threats become visible in WordPress admin area and instantly sent to you by email. API scans your data for of malware.


    VIP Scanner


    VIP Scanner scans all your files that include plugins and themes helping you to find any loopholes in the WordPress website. It is a user-friendly interface that protects your site from viruses and malware.


    Block Bad Queries (BBQ)


    Block Bad Queries is easy to use yet quick WordPress security plugin that protects your website against malicious URL requests. It controls traffic coming to your site blocking requests with extra long request strings or something like eval. Its features include no need for configuration, speed yet simple, 100% focus on security and plug & play functions. BBQ is protected against injection-related attacks gaining popularity by the day.

    To conclude, your foremost priority should be to protect your website which could prove to be a big challenge without security plugins. The above ten WordPress security plugins will definitely protect your site from malware or other attacks.


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