India has the upper hand when it comes to IT Outsourcing destinations. An IT giant which relies heavily on exports. So heavy that it almost always crosses the 60% mark of the total Industry revenue. Companies like TCS, Infosys holds the highest position domestically, with 3,17,519 and 2,30,364 employees respectively. The IT industry flourishes in India where others fail to keep up to speed.
In the financial year, 2016-2017 the IT industry in India grew from 143 Billion USD to 155 Billion USD. That is a Staggering growth of 8.4 %, considering the total Size of the Industry. The past has always pointed to the positive direction, with a minimum of 5 percent growth recorded every financial year over the past decade. What makes the hopes of future even greater is that the industry value is expected to double by 2020. An Economy like India Strives on the IT Industry, which contributed about 7.2 % of the Country&rsquos GDP in 2016-2017. This ensures that the industry will receive a special attention from the subsequent governments that follow.
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Below we have discussed why world’s preferred India is the best outsourcing destination for Web and Mobile App Development Projects
Abundant Development Resources
Every 4 the person in Indian workforce is directly or indirectly a part of IT industry. It has to be noted that, this is in a country with a population greater than 1.3billion and with a median age of 26. The Above numbers make it clear about the abundant resource availability in the Subcontinent. But what percentage of Revenue in the industry is generated through exports? 75.5%!! Yes, you read it right, a whopping 117 Billion USD is the revenue generated through IT Exports. What doesn&rsquot come as surprise is that from this 117 Billion, exports worth 60 Billion is to the US. About 55% of all outsourcing captured by the Indian market.

Quality in Work and Communication
So what makes these techies from India work so frictionless with the US? Yes, You guessed it right, the industry guarantees that the resources are fluent in English communication which in turn makes the client experience not only effortless but also pleasant, with the ties getting stronger with the respective governments in power we can only see these numbers getting better. Another unexplored territory which has been very recently opened for business in the GCC. It remains an unexplored market while considering the opportunities arising.

Time Zone
The Demand for Mobile and web application development is on the rise now more than ever. In the business of IT, Time is Gold. With such abundant resource availability, the Development hubs function with a flexible capacity of 24/7 work (The Gold shines day and night every day satisfying every customer demand. Thus a Client from the US can share this requirement with an Indian company, go to bed and Wake up to see this requirement fulfilled by the team offshore.
Whether your business is at the busiest time of the year or just catching pace, you can have the number of resources as per the need of the hour.

Cheaper Resources
Enough about the Numbers and percentages, let us move to the business side of &lsquowhy India excels in the Industry&rsquo. In comparison with most European and North American Countries the rates per resource are placed well below, the difference is so evident that it directly reflects upon the cost of living in those specific countries. With the blooming of IT Sector, arose the competition and many companies in India have felt the pressure that they need to have a specialization. With the help of open source platforms, the development of both mobile and web applications are carried out just with the help of a computer and a dedicated resource with the domain knowledge. The competition from Europe/West only helps those who are part of IT Industry in India to earn that bit decent wage and thereby fulfilling his financial needs and which in turn keeps him committed to the work. To conclude, outsourcing to India is a win-win for both the client and the development team offshore here in India.

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