Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going places to enhance customer relationships as far as marketing trends are concerned whether it is sophisticated metrics or the future of customer experience. Since unlimited data is left behind through social media outreach during internet surfing, AI has great potential for digital marketing. Digital marketing is in an aggressively changing phase and will be the next target of AI & Machine learning in the year 2018. AI will provide effective customer experience, targeted marketing and prognostic analytics to get better ROI for businesses.
Earlier marketers were thinking twice before incorporating AI into their game plan. But all this has significantly changed since several sectors have benefitted in a big way. AI could be viewed through processes like IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning but the full potential of AI will be visibly seen in the time to come. We will be able to see the impact in certain fields where AI will extensively boost digital marketing.

Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

If Content marketing strategy can be aligned with AI, it will help to create a remarkable impact for any business. AI can help to conduct customized content campaigns for every single customer after collecting data from them based on their interests and buying preferences.

Chatbots are another way of enhancing customer experiences through AI. Chatbots can be programmed in a way to interact with users based on the data collected. Multidimensional system of communication with voice and touch abilities will replace traditional text communication to personalize user experiences.
Another aspect of AI is Augmented Reality that provides customers with the option to view and feel the product before actually purchasing it. The customers will be able to decide faster thus increasing the revenue earned.

Predictive Marketing Ensures Easier and Simpler Decision Making Process
Social media outreach allows access to personal information helping marketers create their marketing campaigns. When a browser surfs the internet, data is generated and collected for analytics of AI that discloses the behavior, needs and future actions of users. Marketing can be optimized on the basis of this information. This type of predictive marketing reduces the customer research of a product making the decision making procedure easier and simpler. Marketers on the other hand constantly study the buyers with the help of data even making them return.
AI enabled algorithms has made banner ads and SEO outdated and obsolete. When you already have a prospect detailed report, there will be no need to study website traffic or SEO.

Use Image Recognition for a Higher Return On Investment
With AI enabled software it is possible to get a detailed Image description.  ‘Amazon Rekognition’ has the ability to recognize human faces and emotions while identifying objects. This technology can be used in the financial or banking sector for enhancing customer security and to enable faster payments.
An enormous amount of visual content is circulated on social media that receive endless engagement. AI leverages this huge amount of images to understand behavior, pattern and needs of consumers. These images on social media with the help of AI software, will help to rearrange their marketing strategies to get a greater ROI.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and its related technology have brought customers and marketers closer where the marketers will have a greater understanding of consumer behavior and customers a greater understanding of products. AI will be the link connecting the two thus helping to boost digital marketing through refined decision making, predictive buying & selling and improved sales. But one thing is certain, in this new marketing trend both the customers and the brands will be the winners.