Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an open source initiative that was developed with a joint effort of Google and Twitter. The main aim while designing this platform was to optimize quicker mobile pages assisting publishers to improve speed and readability of mobile content pages. It is basically done by taking an existent mobile friendly page allowing it to load quickly right from the basics and build mobile landing page with high speed comparatively. Speed has become an inherent part of web design. If a page takes more than three seconds to load, people tend to abandon the web page and move on, so the network speed monitor has to be done in certain intervals. AMP thus has a great impact when it comes to mobile search engine rankings, as this will help to convert more visitors into customers.

Working on the Accelerated Mobile Pages Platform
AMP has a three-way structure

AMP HTML- With optimized HTML code AMP renders pages to load faster as certain aspects that are expected to slow down are completely eliminated.
AMP JavaScript-  JavaScript framework manages both resource handling & asynchronous loading. However third party JavaScript is prohibited with AMP
AMP Content Delivery Network allows AMP enabled pages to perform optimally.

A few points have to be considered while using the AMP plugin to improve your mobile pages. Speed and readability is the main object while share-ability is not always possible due to the usage of JavaScript.

A streamlined version of CSS has to be used with AMP
AMP sites should be validated for continuous working
The JavaScript library used should be provided by AMP
AMP plugin pages do not allow forms of any kind
Custom fonts are specifically loaded for a better user experience
You have to specify the height and width of images used

If videos are used on your page they should have AMP approved extensions.

Benefits of Optimizing With AMP Plugin
AMP is sure to take user&rsquos mobile browsing experience to a new high level. The benefits of AMP platform are stated below.

Quick loading web pages to give users a great experience. Although the good content is very essential, speed is most vital as this makes your mobile browser page easily accessible. AMP provides a dramatic page speed that can increase conversions manifold.
Content Marketers can experience increased visibility on your mobile browser. Google displays AMP results in organic green listings. This will certainly lead to an improved click rate as the color green will stand out.
Improved rankings of mobile search engines will tend to increase relation between the speed of the site and the rate of conversion.
Provides a flexible Ad Support – With APM, distractions like header image, sidebar, navigation menu, forms, pop-ups or other non-essential elements are removed from your mobile browser pages. Even the ads displayed should besides loading quickly attract the user&rsquos attention delivering enormous value.
Tracking is made Simpler – Traffic alone on your mobile browser pages is not enough as tracking helps to ascertain behavior of people visiting the site. AMP has several analytical tools to track users along with site performance.

To conclude, although people view the mobile browser version of your content page, they will along with seeing the AMP version of that particular page that will definitely help to speed up things.