The e-Commerce industry is at its peak leading towards the increased demands of mobile e-commerce apps. So have you ever wondered how they benefit users? Let’s find out more from this article.

Nowadays, people are more partial to online shopping due to a large number of factors. The ease of buying things from the comfort of their homes have made people inclined to them and one can safely say that online shopping sites have a heavy influence on people’s lives.

It is estimated that mobile includes 59% of all eCommerce transactions worldwide. This number is hoped to increase more in the foreseeable years. Obviously, there are significant opportunities here.

Hence, knowing how to exploit eCommerce apps, you can optimize your current business effectively. As a customer of a company, people prefer caring about the friendly platform and highly appreciate the exciting experience. So you can take advantage of the eCommerce app to strengthen and renew your company.

This article will list down 4 major reasons why the eCommerce app is necessary for your company. With the following steps, you can recheck your business and after that make necessary decisions to make it better.

  1. Understand Your Customer
  2. Know Your Competitor
  3. Choosing The Right Technology
  4. Create an Amazing User Experience

Understand Your Customer

Understand you customers

1. Why Buyer Personas Are Important?

Have you ever asked yourself who your target customers are? Do you have any geolocation products divided following each group of the user? Now you should know that the eCommerce app development bases on determining the buyer personas for your company. Sometimes buyer personas are also known as marketing personas. It helps your company in selling, marketing, and customer services.

To enhance your business, you should search for the taste of each horde of the buyer. They are your target buyers, so you need to find out their hobby, their basic information. The more you find the buyer personas in detail, the better your app will be. When you look for customer information, you can optimize and device related-products reach to them and it can support product development, customer service, etc of your business.

2.So how to create buyer personas?

Firstly as creator, you need to know your contacts database to discover trends about how customers internalize your content.

Secondly, when creating forms to use on your website, use form fields that collect important or detail persona information.

Thirdly, paying attention to your sales team’s feedback on the leads they connect frequently. What age ranges have you served best?

Last but not least, interviewing your buyers in a variety of ways. You can interview them either via phone or email to collect responses about products or services.

Know Your Competitor

Know Your Competitor

There is a range of things you should know about your competitors, but I will only enumerate 3 points, namely position, strength, weakness of them. People in Asia have a proverb “To know oneself is true progress”. It means if we know the condition of something we will win successfully. So when you deeply understand your competitor, you can beat them.

1.Know Their Position

First and foremost, research the position of your competitor. It is one of the crucial areas you should take care of. In a single market, the same product or service can be required in many ways. It also means lots of businesses with similar products and services can appear in the market. The combination of circumstances under which a company presents its offering is its positioning which is another thing you should know about your competitors. So you may create your business in your own way and make it becomes unique.

2. Know Their Strength

The second step if you want to beat your competition is finding their strengths. Discovering how they can allure customers? You can learn or duplicate their ideals but do it better. I know that you may have your offerings, but the addition of something that customers really like will boost your company knock down the competitor.

3.Know Their Weakness

Besides, you should also know the weaknesses of your competitors. Knowing your competitors’ weaknesses may help you identify your strengths or even take it as a reference to avoid repeat their weaknesses. Moreover, you can determine those weaknesses and correct them as a way to turn it be your new strength.

Choosing The Right Technology

oosing The Right Technology

What is the most appropriate app type to your business? You have to choose base on competing factors which include either your budget and your customer type.

1.Native apps

Native apps are applications written in programming languages that the platform they are being built for accepts. It is a kind of software set on the mobile phone that the same as the app store we are familiar with. Native apps are known as Swift or Objective-C is used to write iOS, Java is used to write Android, and C# for most parts of Windows Phone. Native apps offer a fast, responsive experience to the user. It not only matches each app’s UI/UX to the platform conventions but also easy to swipe gestures.

2.Web apps

Web apps are accessed via a web browser over a network like the Internet. For instance, Wikipedia is a website, so it provides information. Facebook is a web app that is more interactive. Web apps are loaded in browsers like Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Besides, they save your customer’s device because they don’t account for any memory or storage.

3.Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are built with javascript, Html, and CSS and run in something known as review, a simplified browser inside your app. All the blessings of hybrid apps stem from the reality that, instead of constructing two apps, you’re building one app and surely tweaking it a bit, so it works on each structure.

With a hybrid app, your handiest have one codebase to manipulate. In addition, hybrid app builders are regularly much less high-priced than local application builders. Hybrid apps are less challenging to scale to another platform, compare to native apps.

Create an Amazing User Experience

Create an Amazing User Experience

1.Engage Users

The first impact that the end-user gets when seeing your app is a decisive factor. It will decide the time that the user spends in your app longer or shorter than usual. An inspired consumer will stay at the same time while an unimpressed consumer will go away. For that reason, when you consider UI/UX is set on your app, customers will discover it attracting. This will compel app users to visit your app, use and discover such app to their benefit.

2. Increase Conversion Rate

You will glimpse your customer by many tools but only with an outstanding UI and charming UX will increase the conversion fee of your app. Therefore, outcomes in the expanded lead while you optimize your app for more than one monitor. Most businesses use UX to push up their conversion charge and while you layout your app with UI/UX, you can locate buttons and menus in the proper place. So this gets rid of bottlenecks in the signal-in system for your app. Thus, you assist end-users save time whilst surfing in your app.

3. High Retention Rate

Ecommerce app development is more than creating and freeing an app to the market. It entails building apps that provide end-users with the possibilities to clear up troubles easily. With consistency and extremely UI/UX will assure for a better retention rate but include friendly using to customers. Your app will be installed if you equip enough vital functions. So your customer will be promoted to use your app with a user-friendly and comprehensible display. This method will help you attain higher retention whilst as compared with apps with terrible UI/UX.


For many eCommerce businesses, it is vital to have a mobile app. It not only creates a professional display but also attracts long-term customers. Your app development is better until you have completed the following steps like understand your customers, know your competitors, choose the right technology and create an amazing user experience. Now that you know the 4 major aspects of eCommerce app development, you can optimize your business app by carefully considering what aspect you should focus on.

What are eCommerce websites?

E Commerce is Electronic Commerce which basically means buying and selling of goods, products and services over the internet, just like how you buy things from a retail shop. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

How do you make an eCommerce app like Amazon?

Developing an e commerce website is a process where a lot of research and attention is to be put into. The whole process can be broadly divided into the following 5 steps :

  1.  Find a domain name.
  2.  Get a good web developer who’s familiar with E commerce platforms like WooCommerce.
  3.  Get all the paperworks and legal side cleared
  4.  Make your website live
  5. Choose the right SEO and marketing techniques.

How much does it cost to make an eCommerce app?

The cost to build an e commerce website ranges from $10,000 to $500,000. This hugely depends on your overall sales and traffic target and also the type of e commerce platform you choose.

How to develop an app for Android?

Any app development starts with an idea and ends with a fully functional application published in the playstore. Here are the main steps to develop an app.
1.       Sketch the app design
2.       Create a mockup
3.       Build the Graphical User Interface
4.       Do market research to check if the app and idea is viable
5.       Start the development
6.       Quality and Assurance testing
7.       Publish in the store
8.       Improvements based on user reviews.

How to Hire the best developer for your Ecommerce site?

Choosing the right web developer for your e commerce website plays the most important role in the whole process. It’s a good idea to start with research on a couple of good web development companies in your region and go through the projects they’ve done. Also, hiring a web developer who has experience in e commerce platforms is always a plus!