Blockchain is a decentralized technology that has changed the way of carrying on business transactions on the Internet. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are becoming common topics of conversation on news feed. Are Java developers capable enough to interact with the ever-growing blockchain technology? Below we have explained three best blockchain frameworks for Java developers to get maximum advantage of this technology.

The word Bitcoin has become a common term when it comes to conducting transactions that concern transferring money online. BitcoinJ should be considered when you plan to create a bitcoin wallet and manage transactions. Due to its growing community and good documentation, the project is profitable for developers. In the beginning, there are certain limitations just like any other open source project. Scalability problems and open bugs created several security issues. But the end point is that if you understand the operations of Bitcoin protocol it does seem beneficial. But it does not seem to be suitable for all production applications.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the next profitable cryptocurrency considering its cutting edge technology. With a Web3j project, you can work with Ethereum with no additional overheads of writing your own consolidation code. The main features are to create a wallet, manage transactions along with smart contract wrappers. Solidity is a special language in the Ethereum project which in actuality is mandatory for creating smart contracts. For Java developers, it is essential to note that Web3j is reactive. But on the whole, it is seen that Web3j is quite a favorite with developers with good documentation.

HyperLedger Fabric
HyperLedger Fabric is a framework of the Linux Foundation that can be used as a backbone for blockchain solutions. This is a substantial tool where enterprise meets blockchain and can be used for creating a simple POC or for production applications. This project is prominently for the members of the Linux Foundation. The main aim of HyperLedger Fabric is creating and managing smart contracts. Its main features are

Manage channels to share confidential information
Endorsement of transaction policies
Compatible transaction delivery to all members of the network

In case developers are interested in including HyperLedger Fabric in the blockchain software, it is advised to familiarize with other projects of HyperLedger provided by top software development companies. It all depends on your requirements. Hyper Ledger projects claim to transform the Internet as they guarantee a logical and scalable blockchain infrastructure that is simple to maintain.